Meet the Chef

24th July 2017

It has been five months since Liam Davison took the helm of our kitchen here at The Ship and we have already tasted a lot of new, more adventurous dishes on our menus.

Editor of The Suffolk Resident magazine, Georgia Watson, has met with our Head Chef, Liam, to find out more about his plans for The Ship.

How has the menu changed at The Ship since you took over as Head Chef?

We kept all the old favourites but started to put our own spin on things. We’re now using a lot more seafood on our menus, so we’ve been trialling dishes such as oysters, lobsters and whole lemon sole. Equally we do a lot of nice braised meats, I’m quite keen on using parts of the animal that people don’t tend to use like cheeks, tongues and offal. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how many people have come on board to try it and have loved it. We did a tongue in cheek dish which people loved.

Oysters served at The Ship at Dunwich
Locally sourced oysters

What inspired you when coming up with dishes for your new menu?

We came up with the launch menu as a team, working in a kitchen is a team game because when I’m off they’ve got to cook the dishes, it’s not just all about me. We went down the route of choosing to put our own stamp on classic dishes and turn them into our own.

How would you describe your style of cooking?

Very British. I have a British take on things and that’s how my style has developed. I tweak things and like to put my own take on every dish. With regards to The Ship, my ethos is that we’re a pub at the end of the day and we want to be the best pub that we can be; it’s all about flavour for us.

Is it important to you to use local produce?

We basically try to use as much local produce as possible, it’s all on our doorstep so it seems silly not to use it. Our seafood is all from Lowestoft and I get my oysters and lobsters from Colchester. We have Blythburgh Pork and Red Poll beef from Emmerdale Farm. In Suffolk I can find pretty much anything I want with a bit of delving and put it on the menu.

Lobsters at The Ship at Dunwich
Lobsters served at The Ship at Dunwich

What are your plans for The Ship in the future?

During the winter months I’d like to offer a fish menu one night and host a pork and a game evening to show what we can really do with the wealth of ingredients that are available on our doorstep. I think there’s definitely scope for us to experiment and have a go with some new events and menus.